Windows GLU Implementation & NURBS

To make a long story short, I wanted to use the NURBS Tessellation callback features of GLU 1.2 and greater. However, to my dismay, Microsoft’s implementation of OpenGL did not have these features and they were not implemented in an extension. So, in order to use the feature I was forced to locate a different GLU library.

In my search I discovered SGI’s Sample implementation, and after some work and tinkering, I’ve built a GLU library that is binary compatible with Microsoft’s implementation. The interesting thing is that it is about 2-3 times faster at tesselating surfaces, and it has the callback functionality.

I am planning on posting the information, sources, project files, etc on my website in the near future. I’ll post a link here and submit a piece of news as well. For those of you using GLU on windows, this is definitely something to look into further.


Sounds cool!

I dropped the glu tesselator a long time ago because it was to slow and awkward but I would like to test your version.


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