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I convinced my dad to get a dedicated server (Windows Server 2003). I thought I would be able to set up a couple game servers, but when i go to start the game up, nothing happens. I have the shortcut on the desktop (im using remote desktop) with the +set dedicated 2 +exec dedicated.cfg (where dedicated is the config file for the multiplayer server). It should be telling the server to start the server, but actually nothing happens. In the COD console that appears, it just tells the servers specs, and that is all…nothing else happens. When i type in status, it says server not running. If I type in a map, like map mp_brecourt then it acts like it will start up, then it last says restart server, and it shuts the console down.

I think if i can start this without looking for OpenGL, (since tehre is not video card on the srever) then it would start…really any ideeas would be dandy!

Any ideas guys? ANYTHING would greatly be appreciated!

weve already paid for this server…and there is no refund.

so basically i have a useless server ive paid for…i cannot run COD on it…it has no graphics card. WHAT CAN I DO! I really MUST get the dedicated server up…no matter what I have to do…ANY help is greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you…

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Sorry, nothing that I can think of.

However its always a good idea to make sure the dedicated server does what you want before you rent it.