Windows and Offscreen Rendering

Question… am I able to perform offscreen rendering w/ Windows using Telsa based GPU’s? Has anyone done this before, if so what ver of Windows and Telsa GPU’s was used.

Thanks in advance.

It works on Linux, and I’ve used that lots but not so sure about Windows.

I have heard that in order to use OpenGL/D3D on a card in Windows a screen needs to be plugged in otherwise Windows will refuse to load the graphics drivers for the card. On normal cards you can plug in a fake dongle or jam a resister between certain pins in the connector to make it look like a CRT is plugged in.

But Tesla does not have a plug so… I guess you could warm up your soldering iron and find where the empty pin holes for the VGA connector are and manually solder a resistor. But I am guessing you don’t want to potentially break/damage or void the warranty on a several thousand $ GPU.

Other options:
Use Linux
Buy a Quadro card - these have VGA connectors so you can get offscreen rendering to work and they come with all the CUDA perfomance bells and whistles (well I think they do).

And if you want to make NVIDIA really happy and play completely safe by their rules, use the Tesla for CUDA and Quadro for OpenGL ie dual GPUs in the same machine. I have seen some stuff on the NVIDIA website about combining Quadro and Tesla cards.

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