Windows 7 stereoscopic

Will windows 7 support quad-buffer stereo in windowed mode?

If not, I will start to port my applications to linux.

Isn’t this more of a graphics card driver issue than a Windows issue?

No, It’s a Windows issue, at least for Windows Vista because the driver model (because even if you disable aeroglass, it’s still there, and aeroglass is incompatible with quad buffer).

Windows Vista support stereo only in full screen, not in windowed mode.

gotrance is totaly wrong. On Quadro cards stereo works under Vista O.K. , with new models (Quadro 3700 FX) even with Areo on. The fulls creen restriction is related only to DirectX game warping … But yes, you need Quadro card …

Please, open NVidia official driver’s readme file (last version 181.20) for Quadro FX4000 (my card) from:

and go to the page 14 and you’ll read:

Windowed quad‐buffered stereo
This is an operating system limitation.