Windows 7 OpenGL Texture Distortion

My 3D App has worked fine in XP and VISTA. In Windows 7, large flat triangles or quads textured with a tiled bitmap look fine when viewed straight on. When viewed at an angle the various tiles appear at different angles crating a strange distortion which changes depending on the viewing angle. I use the DirectX SDK (June 2007) since the newer versions no longer include DirectSound.

Did you turn on perspective correction?

Thanks for your response!

I set perspective with ::gluPerspective(VIEW_ANGLE, aspect_ratio, 1.0f, 1000.0f); where VIEW_ANGLE is 32.0f and aspect_ratio is the aspect ratio of my window, 1.74 at present.

The did not use GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT or glFrustum().

I was able to fix it with


Thanks Alfonse for the idea!

Fortunately, the glHint is removed from OpenGL 3.2 Core.
It only makes troubles, vaguely defined, implementation dependent, no defaults set. Big relief it is gone.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that, while glHint solved the distortion problem, it also made my rendering dog slow when I made my window full-screen. In fact, my animation frame rate fell from my desired 18 frames per second to about 4.

I checked the driver, and Windows 7 claims that I have the latest driver for my video card.

And your card is ?
Driver version ?

Graphics Card: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series
Driver Provider: ATI Technologies
Driver Date: 4/24/2009
Driver Version:

Have you downloaded and install drivers from Ati’s website (or your manufacturer’s website if this is a laptop)?

If not, you are getting OpenGL emulation via Direct3D. In case this is not obvious, yes this is very bad.

ATI no longer supports new drivers for my card, so I am stuck with the Microsoft driver. My conclusion is that I need to buy a new card. I am considering the FireGL 3100, 3200, or 3600 for which ATI does supply a Windows 7 driver.…mp;lang=English

Seems a few months newer than yours?