Windows 7 and Outlook

I’m not sure if anyone else has encoutered problems with Windows 7 and Office 2007, in particular Outlook?
I have found that for no obvious reason, it became impossible to type text into a Word document, or open a Word document by clicking on the file in a file manager, also it became impossible to delete highlighted files in Outlook, type text into Google search field and such things :p. All would be resolved by restarting Windows :mad:.
I installed Windows over Vista SP1 on a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop PC with 3 gigs RAM ; 2.4 GigHertz quad core processor.
I think I may have solved the problem by specifying that Outlook, Word and Internet Explorer run on a single core of the CPU.
This can be specified in Processes of Task Manager (Identify the particular application, highlight it, Right mouse click on it and specify which core to manage this application under ‘set Affinity’.
So far I haven’t had any problems of the sort I was getting. I have to acknowledge the reason for taking this solution is purely intuitive and unreasoned. But I offer it in a spirit of help and cooperation :stuck_out_tongue:

My experience with Vista: sometimes when Aero is active, I cannot click on each control (ie. I can focus a window but cannot click on a button inside it), apparently randomly blocked. If I would disable Aero, problem would vanish.