Windows 2000 & Radeon OpenGL

I can’t seem to get Win 2k and Radeon to work with OpenGL. I had a 3dfx Banshee and it ran Quake 3 just fine. But since I’ve upgraded I can’t get my ATI Radeon to work right. I can’t find a way around the OpenGL/Windows 2000 complications…

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


I don’t have a solution for you, but when you find out, could you please share the info. I have the same problem. I run a W2K pc and when I tried installing GL it wouldn’t work either. So please let me Kown when you find out.



I have no problem at all with my RadeON in 2K. What is the exact nature of your problems ?

I dont have any problems with my radeon in w2k either. did you reinstall windows after you had your other card in? Or if you had installed opengl for that card, you prolly should atleast uninstall it and reinstall your radeon drivers.