Windows 2000 & OpenGL

I am running out of patience! I have tried everything I know how to get any OpenGL game to run on my PC, with no luck. I have tried an ATI Rage 3D, a Diamond Viper V550, V770 and a Matrox G200 AGP. No luck. In Quake3, I get the following error:

“GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem”

In other games, I get a variety of errors, including, “Could not construct OpenGL device.”

As I said, I have swapped out video cards, and I have also downloaded the latest drivers from NVIDIA since the drivers from the manufacturers of these cards are older. I don’t know what more I can do. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Er, sorry if I misundersttod you, but did you download NVIDIA’s drivers for those cards?

No wonder nothing happens. NVIDIA’s drivers is for NVIDIA’s hardware only, which is pretty obvious. If you want drivers for your Rage, go to ATI, for G200, well, go to Matrox and download their drivers. V550/V770 drivers can be a bit trickier, since they are quite old cards using an old chip from 3Dfx, which no longer exists.

Search this forum for that error. It’s a known Q3 problem, and has nothing to do with your cards. (Can’t tell you what it is, exactly, because I don’t Quake, but I’ve seen it mentioned in this forum many many times.)

i have win 2000 too and i get the same message when i try to play alice. and it played great before i installed win 2000…