Windows 2000 error code 0xc0000124


When running even very simple OpenGL code (embedded in visual C++ code) under W2K, with a graphic borad Asus V7700/Pure/64MB (NVidia GeForce II GTS I think) I only get the 0cx0000124 error code (application failed to initializa properly)

I run all my OpenGL programs in a laptop with Wme, I run them even at work with W2k … but not home … at home only 0cx0000124 error!

I’ve downloaded the detonate drivers from nvidia (NVIDIA GeForce2 CTS/GeForce2 Pro version … and nothing

I’ve redownloaded the Asus drivers (package … and nothing

One thing: As I remeber under windows NT the opengl driver had all caps (OPENGL32.DLL) the .dll I’ve found in WINNT/System32/ has the name opengl32.dll.

Can the problem be here? May I have de wwrong .dll? How? I’ve done a clean instalation from an original (registered) Windows 2000?

Please help! Mayday mayday :slight_smile:


I would set my display properties to standard vga, search the filesystem for all “opengl32.dll” libraries and delete them.
After this install the driver for your videocard.


No! You should not delete opengl32.dll. That file is not distributed with the video card driver. Simply do a right click on your opengl32.dll and look at its version information.

I was having the same problem on many of the W2K machines in our office. What I did was to turn off hardware acceleration in the display properties, using the performance slider, and test with the OpenGL screen savers to see at what level OpenGL started working. If the OpenGL screen savers show a blank screen, in the little preview, you will probably get the 0xc0000124 error. I recommend rebooting between each adjustment of the hardware acceleration. What ended up happening was that after getting the OpenGL screensavers to work at a certain setting, I turned hardware acceleration all the way up and rebooted just to see what would happen. Well… Now OpenGL loads just fine for all apps and runs fully accelerated. No idea what the real problem is, but this has worked on 3 machines so far - W2K only.