Windows 2000 + dual-headed system =OpenGL only on one monitor?

I hear that Win2k supports OpenGL only on one monitor on dual-headed systems…is it true? I don’t mean cheap cards like G400, i more interested in FireGL 1/2/3, Oxygen series, etc…does Win2k support OpenGL on two monitors or not?

Wow, if not, it would explain my problem with not being able to run Quake3Arena. I’d say it happened around the same time that I added the second monitor.

Are you sure that this is just a problem for Win2K? I run Win98 and when I activate my second monitor (MatroxMilleniumII) all OpenGL applications, whether they are FS or not, are not accalerated but result in 0.3fps or so. This is not the case if the second monitor is deactivated! (around 65fps)

(First Monitor: Voodoo3/2000)


i have same problem

vga1 - AGP - geforce 2 mx
vga2 - PCI - s3virge

when secondary adapter is active the microsoft opengl driver v 1.1 is loaded, when just AGP card is active then nvidia opengl driver v1.2.1 is loaded

there is just one question - is posible to disable ALL opengl on secondary display so nvidia ogl driver can be used for primary display?

Used to have a simliar problem as some of the people posting in here about having 2 monitors, and GL coming up on the wrong one… Try switching the AGP/PCI boot order in your BIOS, it fixed the situation for me. Also try switching primary/secondary displays in your display options. Hope that helps in any way…