Windowed OpenVG?

we are going to use a processor that (supposedly) should support OpenVG for 2D acceleration (a Freescale iMx51). We’re running WinCE 6.

However we are porting an existing .NET application to the new device, and I would like to use OpenVG inside a Windows Form. I saw a blog where someone used OpenGL ES inside a Windows Form by using the coredll.dll function call getDC() to get the drawing context, and then P/Invoking all the calls.

Is a similar approach going to work for OpenVG? I am a total noob to this, and we wont have the device up and running for a long time yet. Thanks in advance!

Technically, the surface initialization stuff is not part of the OpenVG spec (or OpenGL / GL ES either), but rather of the underlying surface management functions - Usually EGL (spec also on the khronos site).

If you are using EGL for surface and context management, check to see exactly what parameter the eglCreateWindowSurface() accepts for the “EGLNativeWindowType”. It will probably be any valid Device context (Which you can get the GetDC() just like in the GL ES example). Once your surface is created successful, the rest should be easy.

So yes - The same approach that worked for GL ES should work fine for VG too.