Window XP

How do i install OpenGL on Windows XP?

If you are using detonator drivers on nvidia card download NVmaxSP.EXE. Use uninstall feature. Install W2k-1461 drivers and all should be good…

I have been playing Counter-Strike using OpenGL (40 fps - nVidia TNT) in Windows 98 SE. Playing in software mode (15 fps - same graphic card) is vey unbearable!

But I can’t play Counter-Strike with OpenGL (40 fps - nVidia TNT) in Windows XP. How can this be possible?


I am running XP too. I’ve got a Voodoo 3 3000
and it doesn’t work!
i can’t Install GL setup in any compatibility mode. I tried different Drivers for 2k, 99 etc. but UT and CS don’t work! Can anybody give me a tip, getting it running?

My best advice to all of you: UNINSTALL WINDOWS XP!!!

It sucks… for now… maybe when we get a service pack or 2, install it… but for now, stick to Windows 2000!

I’ve got voodoo 3 3000 on my w2k, and it runs Q3, UT, Tribes 2, Red Faction, Oni, Max Payne, and Half Life. There were some glitches before, but everything works great since ive installed the V3 Omega Drivers for W2k.

I have the same problem with my voodoo 3 3000 under windows XP. CounterStrike only runs in direct 3d? QWhere I can find the V3 omega drivers?

To install in my XP

Nvidia has posted XP drivers for their cards
try upadting to them. Heres a shortcut to their webpage,

I hate that most companies haven’t posted XP updates for their hardware yet…

and others ( at least last I checked)



Hi All

I Have Win XP
And My Card is : S3 Savage 4
And it Dosent Work What Must I Do ?

Hey sup all,
I have Xp and running a Voodoo 3K. I’ve download some bata drivers for it and Direct3D works for CS. The problem is that on all the other games i need OpenGL to run them… Anyone know where i can get open drivers for Voodoo3000. If you want to check those drivers that i got there at

I have Windows XP with an OEM Geforce 2 MX 400 32 mb video card. Should I wait for my computer manufacturer to release the Detonator XP driver on their website?

Hi, I have a ATI Radeon 64mb sdr ram… i was wondering one thing

1: where can I find winxp drivers for it.
thnx… laters

Try If it ain’t on the drivers page check the forums, they’re ridiculously active.

Try running CS under the Software video option. That’s what I’ve had to start doing since installing XP a couple of days ago.

Originally posted by BaDBuTz:

I am running XP too. I’ve got a Voodoo 3 3000
and it doesn’t work!
i can’t Install GL setup in any compatibility mode. I tried different Drivers for 2k, 99 etc. but UT and CS don’t work! Can anybody give me a tip, getting it running? [/b]

I have GF3 and xp keeps BSOD’ing…even after loading the new driver that nvidia published for xp…Any hints?

I have the same problem with my voodoo 3 card it runs like **** when i installed winxp with the game red faction are the levels now changed there are all kinds of weird drawings on the walls does anyoen know if there are coming drivers for 3dfx on winxp because they don’t exist anymore, I’m i forced to buy a n’vidia???

I installed Plus! for Windows XP and on Microsoft’s website they state known problems with Plus! for XP on 3dfx and S3 based video cards ( Nvidia is the only company on the ball right now with windows xp [ATI is but only with there 7500 and 8500 chip lines] ) The Plus! pack has alot of 3D apps in them and I have a Voodoo 3 3000 and only some of them work at all . As mentioned on and various other 3dfx fan sites, 3dfx is dead (they hit some hard times) and Microsoft has abandoned them and so will everyone who has to use Microsoft for there games. My suggestion to anyone who feels the need to run Windows XP and has a S3 or 3dfx based video card is to buy an Nvidia Geforce or ATI Radeon card. There cheap enough now ( ) and your better off for new games that will come out ( TF2 Doom3 Q4 etc…) If not , and you love your 3dfx card to death or are poor , drop windows 9x/2k back in and save up till you can afford a better Video Card . (FYI: I’ve tested 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 , Voodoo 3 3000 , Voodoo 3 3500 , and Voodoo 5 5500 on Windows XP OEM [or Gold Code build 2600] and all features are disabled except for TV out on the 3000&3500, No FSAA on V5 and only 1 chip is active making your V5 no better than the V4 4500 ) Hope this clarifies some things for people .

Also, ( I forgot to mention so everyone doesn’t waste there time trying ) . I’ve installed just about every known driver ( both retail and hacked for 3dfx cards) to try to get games like Serious Sam , Red Faction and Half-Life to work under Windows XP in OpenGL mode to no avail (although the wall hack opengl files work on Half-Life and run about the same speed they did in Win2k). Quake 1,2,3 seem to run fine when properly patched , but games like Voyager Elite , Heavy Metal FAKK2 and Return to Castle Wolfenstien(MP Test) fail to run and always give the “failure to load opengl” BS even though they are based on the same engine.

xp drivers wont work with opengl yet. because msft hasnt ‘released’ it publicly yet, there are no drivers / support for it

The unreleased drivers 21.85 support openGL.
I did manage to get them and try them on a game called Tribes 2 which runs openGL for Nvidia chipsets.
This game did not work previous to me upgrading to 21.85, now it works like a gem.
Actually every game seems to run a lot better.
I will find the link to the drivers and post them later.

Hi there, i run windows XP professional Corporate Edition FinaL. And i have got a creative 3dblaster savage 4.
I got opengl working!!! go to and download the win2k drivers. with this drivers u all can finally play q3 etc.

PS. Creative support suxxxxxxxx!!!