Window smaller than viewport

Hi there !

I have a little question about how is handled window resizing when the window is smaller than the surface defined by glViewport.
For instance, what region of the viewport will be displayed when defining a viewport of 1024 by 1024, and then resizing the rendering window to 320*200 ?
After some tests it seems that the lower left corner of the window equals the lower left part of the viewport, but I’m not that sure …

So is it possible to define for sure what region of the viewport is currently displayed in the rendering window ?

Thanks for reading me :slight_smile:

Actually it may be related to the fact that I inverted the y axis, without it I guess that the window top left dot would be at the same place than the top left corner of the viewport …
I’m digging into gluLookAt() to see if it can help.

Ok, forget that I asked.
I’m using gluOrtho2D, so glTranslate alone does the trick :slight_smile: