Window events cause Box to Hang

Hi all.

I’ve been having this problem since I’ve started programming in openGL with (free)GLUT.

What’s happening is if I draw anything using glut’s idleFunc callback, everything runs fine until I move the mouse to the titlebar… any part of the title bar. The entire machine hangs, getting stuck in some kind of unbreakable loop, making the system completely unusuable to the point where a cold boot is necessary.

I’m running under Fedora Core 3 with enlightenment, don’t know if it has anything to do with that.

If I set the rendering callback to the TimerFunc and have it call every say, 4ms, everything runs fine, and I would Assume that if I put some kind of sleep call in the render function things would work fine as well, but I’m learning, and I want to learn how to do things correctly, ya know?

Anyone have any ideas?