Hello dear colleagues.
I made simple project with help of OPEN_GL library.
It is game. In this game my ball fly. But i can t to do fly quick. If i choose frequency low - 10 - 50 ms. My window blinking. If i choose 100 ms or 1000 ms window not blinking but ball fly very slowly.

And one more question. I can execute my programm only from visual studio. If i close VS and use “consoleaplication.exe” from folder debug - i see only white window.

Please help begginer coder

You should provide more information on how you’re creating your window and whether you’ve got VSync enabled or not. Also, what OS?

It sounds like you may have created a single-bufferred window. If so, you probably want to instead 1) create a double-buffered window, 2) enable VSync, and 3) get rid of the app-side “frequency delay” you’ve got in your app now to slow down drawing.

With VSync, the driver handles slowing your draw thread down to drawing no faster than the max rate at which video frames can be rendered and shown to the user.

Please write your e mail.
i ll send project.