Winamp plugin attempt...

Well Im making an attempt at a winamp plugin… ok so far it opens up the window fullscreen, switches
resolution,then somtimes it clears (otherwise its just looking thru at windows behind it…) and the render function is in fact being called. But nothing it getting drawn…
It should be drawing a white triangle. Its in opengl, and if you want the source to look at leave your

Also, if you have a example (src code) of an opengl plugin, id like to take a look at it if its possible, anything that would help.



Hi there. I’m not sure if I’m the solution of all your problems, but if you give me a look at your code I’ll try my best .

Ill send it after school.

makes an important voice Hear what I lately learned: never, NEVER test a program before you’re sure what it does. In my case it
a) didn’t open any window, but slowed down my system to… I don’t know how far
b) when I tried to start it fullscreen (why that messagebox in a winamp plugin?) it crashed my system completely.
I admit I didn’t have much time lately, but the code looked quite good to me. I’ll be able to take a closer look this weekend…

Don’t know me? GLvoid asked me to help him (my brother) help you.

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The message box is there from the base code i used when i remade it, it never changed anything, but it put the option to open it windowed. Its the one from

I dont know how it crashed your system, probably cause you never hit stop vis plugin before exiting… (i noticed that) and the windowed one on mine just opens and closes really really fast.

And its not like a little ctrl-alt-del doesnt fix the crash then just use the disp propertys to get back the resolution. in worst case i had to reboot the bad way ;p