Win32 ScreenSaver API File I/O problems

I recently wrote a screen saver program in OpenGL and it works fine by double clicking on the *.scr file but when I install it in the windows directory it fails at the File I/O level. I even tried hard pathing it and had no luck. Does the Windows Screen Saver API not allow file I/O at runtime? Is there some way to statically load the bitmaps into the *.scr file?

try this utility that converts .bmp or .tga
into .h files

look for the Gfx2Tex utility
the source is also provided

You can always add binary resources if you’d like a “single file” sreensaver.
Then at runtime you can obtain a pointer to the resource.

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Blaze or any one else for that matter can they show me how you get a pointer to the bitmap resource? I’m doing a binary load in Visual C++ but having problems loading the data into an GLuint[256*256] array.