Win32 or Console Environment?

Hi everyone

I just started learning using OpenGL in programming. I use Microsoft visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
I experienced programming in both win32(I mean wgls environment) and console environments(32 Bit Dos like), a few days each. something tell me that the picture quality in win32 is better than console environment. Is that true guys?

Any suggestions about which environments I keep learning? Which one is better for learning?

There is no difference in quality between the environments, they both use the same OpenGL libraries.

Console development can be handy for learning, as it’s easy to print out information. It’s best to pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.


Thanx elFarto

You really made me stop worrying about How to learn those Wgls and so in windows platform. I am more comfortable with Console one and as you said it is better for beginners.

The both console-style and windowed-mode app are actually the same. Only the AllocConsole() call, and some other minor initializations in the CRT are different (initialization of main() and WinMain() args, fetching of stdin/stdout pipes).

You can have a window in a console-style app, you can have a console in a window-style app.