Win32 Console OpenGL?

I’ve heard people referring to programs written as Win32 console progs that utilize OpenGL. How’s this done?


in a Win32 Console, I know that you can using a Win32 Console and Glut to Create a OpenGL app that works, when you do that, in the Background of this app would run a Win32 Console, maybe you mean that.

Take a look at the OpenGL FAQ, this topic is covered there!


This is how I have been learning OpenGL, it is quie simple and ingnores the Window API, MFC or anything else too horrible.

Is this recommended though?? I have been reading Nehe’s tutorials and this isn’t the approach used in his code

Go here

The tutorials are written for Borland users, but they are Win32 console apps that utilize OpenGL.

With GCC (MinGW):

use -mconsole instead of -mwindows

As always, you can use the standard

int main( int argc, char **argv )

program entry, rather than WinMain.