win32 api or glut ??

I was just curious , in knowing, in which windows management system most people is developing their engines/aplications ??
Are you using the win 32 api, or the glut windows system?
Which one do you think is better, and why?


I’m using win32 api. What you should use depends on your needs. If you want it to be completely portable you should use glut, but if you are targetting you engine at the windows platform only it’s better to use the win32 api.

Well that and the fact with GLUT you are extremely confined to its stupid ****…

like glutmainloop();

its ass - i spent days trying to convert the simplest particle system ever to GLUT

still doesnt work

just make a nice WIN-api skeleton

you can get an idea from

GLUT is easy to use, IF you know how to use it (seems like someone here doesn’t ).

I use GLUT when I want to make a quick demo, because it’s easy to test ideas. But when I go for an application, I use glx or wgl.