Win2K SP2 still ships OpenGL 1.1

This talk of PSUs is concerning me because I thought 300W would be a safe bet, I have never seen a PSU more powerful (seen duel PSUs but even so) I was planning to build a TBird box and have everything majorly overcloked with loads of 120mm fans and orbs, heatsinks, card coolers, HD coolers etc. Plus there might be 2 HD and a CDRW and maybe also a DVD. An overclocked GeForce 3 of course- as long as you get the stepping 3(I think) you can get a 15% OvCl easy and you end up with an GeForce 3 Ultra. The case is a full tower case that will come with a 300W PSU, don’t know its combined rating (don’t know what this is, can you explain).

Do You think a better PSU is needed?, what should I go for ??


Check this one out! Might be a bit more powerful than you need (a bit more powerful than anyone needs IMHO) and a bit pricey but (like you by the sounds of it) I love playing with hardware

Combined rating is the maximum load the PSU can supply across the 3.3 volt line, and 5 volt line.

You can calculate by multipling 3.3 by the maximum current at 3.3, + 5 * maximum 5 volt current.

It’s usually written on the PSU. AMD recomend a minimum of 160 combined. This 300 one, is only 150. But the new 300 W one I’m getting is 160. It is AMD approved also. AMD approved PSU’s are all at least 160 combined. If I were to buy a new system I’d probably go for a 350 or 400 Watt.

This PSU is not AMD recomended. But the new one I’ll be getting is.

Dont even think about running a GF3 on an AMD system with a 250 watt PSU. Not enuff power at all.

Make sure the PSU you get is listed here


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Thank you for your information. Now I can sleep better

hmmm this thread slowly drifted from the real topic to something different.

So, is MS ever going to release 1.2?

Come on, be nice. It’s a small company and they are still trying to allocate resources to the project.


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Unless someone puts the pressure on, I’d say no, or not until DX 10 / 11 is out at the earliest.


if i was ms i’ld wait until intel or whoevers on the ARB whos working on the replacement for opengl32.dll(1.2) releases it. then release it (ms’s version). hehe

Now I dislike M$ even more. I will never touch D3D again, and I will tell all my friends about it and why.

M$ ‘brain’ must be totally incompetent.

Do they REALLY not understand the consequences of their actions?

Everything they do will turn around and bite them in the end.

Now that is just dumb.

>> Now I dislike M$ even more. I will never touch D3D again, and I will tell all my friends about it and why. <<

Somehow I don’t think this will accomplish anything. If dx is better than ogl why the heck would you want to go with inferior product? Are you that blindingly loyal? Game developers need money and there’s a competition so if you can get your product out faster you can beat others and saturate the market before they do. Look at your requirements, find an api that meets them, use that api and don’t blindingly follow the herd. There is no loyalty in business, business is about extracting as much money as possible i.e. evaluate people’s propensity to consume for the product.

Repeat after me: I will draw specs, then I will research suitable api, then I will make a game. And again In another words don’t become another linux like zealot just because it’s fasionable

dx8 pros:
texture loading functions
math library

ogl pros:
wireframe that works
easy to use
red book and tons of online tutorials

and others I can’t remember off the top of my head. (this goes for both api)

Oh no. I’ve started another MS vs. OGL war. Shame on me!

This really wasn’t what I had in mind though, I was just trying to be informative.


No you didn’t When you throw in strengths and weakneses of both api and try to make the research easier for someone who’s trying to decide which api will suit him I call that an informative comparison Anyways, I too like to know where the ogl is heading on the ms platform. I think nvidia guys might know but perhaps are under nda. I can only speculate that it isn’t going to be released soon. If rumors are to be believed then gf3 was delayed because of the work on xbox, ms doesn’t have full resources for dx and I would think even less for opengl.

P.S. I’m sorry for power supply off topic discussion, I thought this thread was dead and so I went little off tangent.

Personally I have no gripe about off-topic discussions. Provided it stays in the realm of computing in general.

I thought the GF3 delays were due to insufficent yield quantities in the fabrication process. I believe they had to redesign the chip several times in around march/april to make it easier to produce.