Win2k multimon and OpenGL

Under Windows 98, using multimon with two different cards would result in hardware acceleration being disabled. Is this fixed in Win2k? Specifically, if I have my GeForce as my primary display and my Viper550 as my secondary, will I get hardware OpenGL acceleration on either/both of them?

I guess I’ll respond to my own post
I just installed Win2k and using the beta drivers from nVidia I get hardware acceleration on my primary screen (ASUS v6600 deluxe), but not on my secondary (Diamond Viper v550). This is just fine by me since I only ever use my secondary monitor for e-mail/browser/etc anyway.
Still not quite 100%, but a good step above Win98 multimon support.
Note that using the nVidia driver on my primary and the Diamond driver on my scondary caused real problems and I couldn’t even see anything in the openGL windows. Had to use nVidia on both.