Win2k Freezes When Entering Half-Life: Counter-Strike

Win2k Freezes When Entering Half-Life: Counter-Strike

I’m looking for advice on how to solve a nasty problem. It is that when I enter a game, be it LAN or multi-player, CS will simply freeze, and take whole OS with it. Cold reboot needed. This happens on both OpenGL and D3D. It happens consistently. At first guess it seems that it’s trying to initialise some hardware and failing causing the OS to go bye-bye.

My current hardware configuration:

AMD Duron 600 mHz

1x 256 PC100 SDRAM, 1x 128 PC100 SDRAM

AMR Plus VIA K7VZM Motherboard

Geforce DDR

Realtek Ethernet -> cable connection

Western Digital 4Gb 3200rpm ATA66

Western Digital 10Gb 3200rpm ATA66

Onboard Sound

I have installed the drivers which I believe to be correct for all my hardware.

  • The latest Nvidia Win2k Display Drivers
  • Via’s latest 4in1 driver
  • Win2k Service Pack 2
  • Direct X 8.0

Now I strongly suspect that because of the fact that whole OS dies, that I have a hardware/driver conflict. I have tried every suggestion found in this fourm. BUT IT STILL DOES NOT WORK.

I’d appreciate any kind of input that people have regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance,

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