Win2000 + ATI Rage Fury Pro + VIA Chipset = OpenGL???

Well hi there.

I recently upgraded to Win2000 from Win98. OpenGL worked perfectly before, but now my screen just freezes after a few moments using OpenGL. Sound starts to repeat over and over again. My PC wont react on commands anymore, neither mouse or keyboard, but I can use my CDROMS. So I have to use reset. This happens with every OpenGL programm/game. Now I already got myself the newest drivers for ATI and VIA, ive updatet my win by microsoft and i tried different BIOS settings, it all didn`t help a damn thing.

My System:

PIII 750Mhz
ATI Rage Fury Pro
Via Chipset

Can somebody please help me?


from your post, I can’t tell if you did this one important step…

Did you fully uninstall the old drivers for your video card before installing the new drivers? That’s the only real advice I can give since it seems like you have gone through the necessary steps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck.
Nuck Ulsamytch

Well I didn`t uninstall them, as I changed system, but I did uninstall all drivers the other day and I installed the 2000 drivers again.

Dont even bother trying to run any games under Windows 2000. OpenGL support wasnt included for this version of windows. Read the article I included below. I’d go back to Win 98 it works perfectly if everything else in your computer meets the system requirements. Actually it should exceed the requirements in order to run optimally. I’m running Medal Of Honor Allied Assault on an AMD 800 MHz with 256 Megs of Ram, ATI Radeon VE 32 Meg AGP video card, Win 98 2nd edition and it runs but not nearly as well as it should. I had to turn down almost all the settings in the game to get it to run smoothly and I thought I had the perfect system to run this game. Boy was I surprised! My recommendations are at least a 1.1 GHz processor, 64 Meg AGP video card, and go back to using Windows 98 since there is no support for OpenGL in Windows 2000. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

Unsupported Operating System

GLSetup only runs on Windows95 and Windows98 due to time and space constraints. WindowsNT/Windows2000 support is planned for future releases.

If you’re running an operating system unsupported by GLSetup, please go to the IHV pages to visit your card vendor’s website to see if they provide drivers for your platform.