win200 open gl....again

i’m having the same problem most people seem to be having trying to install the game ‘alice’ in win 200, and having a problem with the open gl. i’ve looed through all the past suggestions with no help.

i changed my depth to 16bit, nothing.
i cant find the DVA line anywhere to add a semicolan to it, so nothing.

my last resort is downloading the latest drivers for my video, witch is an S3 verge,

but the website for this company ( tells me they no longer supply the drivers, and a websearch has produced nothing. any ideas?

also, i just tried but they dont have drivers for win 2000?

Do you know the model of s3 video card? I’m guessing that they don’t have a video card driver for win2k, so they probably don’t support OpenGL. If this is true, you are probably out of luck. My suggestion would be to purchase a RadeonLE or GeForce2MX video card, they can be found for about $50.