win xp + rendition verite 2200 (diamond stealth sII) = problems


i’ve been having a long term fight with my video card (diamond stealth sII or rendition verite 2200, as you wish) to make it run properly in my Win XP.

The last problem is that when I try to use a CAD program that renderize images using OpenGL, I got the error that OpenGL is not installed.

I’ve been trying some drivers to this card but no one so far works properly.

Does anyone have any suggestion? Does anyone can tell me about a good driver for this card (I mean, that runs ok in Win XP)?

Thank you a lot

Ancient and long time discontinued 3d card + new operating system = disaster.

I am afraid you need to buy a newer 3d card.

I’m afraid that the Rendition cards have been unsupported since around 1998. Windows XP doesn’t even have native drivers for them, and is using the built-in VESA support to draw everything to your screen. Your safest bet for getting good-quality OpenGL would be an inexpensive Geforce4 MX or Radeon 9200SE. If you don’t have an AGP slot, then the PCI versions would work fine for you. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, as I was very fond of Rendition cards back in their time.