Win XP, Open GL, ATI Rage Fury Pro 128 problems

Recently upgraded to Win XP from ME, have Rage Fury Pro 128 video Card, used to be able to play Fifa 2002 no problem, but now it always crashes mid-game. Everyone I’ve asked says it is related to the driver not supporting open GL. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers possible, still no luck. Any ideas?

If it crashes mid-game, it’s probably not because the driver doesn’t support OpenGL. If your driver didn’t support OpenGL, you most likely wouldn’t even be able to start a game.

You could try the forums, someone may be able to provide more detailed help there.

Here’s the link to the latest drivers offered by Ati, Good luck!…O&cmdNext=GO%21

Windows XP Display Drivers
Recommended Driver - 6.13.3279
Posted October 22, 2001

This is a fully released and supported display driver for Windows XP. DirectX 8.1 and OpenGL support are included.

Microsoft-Supplied Driver 5.1.2001.0 (details)
Included on the Windows XP Installation CD

The RAGE 128 PRO driver included with Windows XP does NOT support OpenGL.

The URL does not work…Give me the right adress

Originally posted by Hagve:
The URL does not work…Give me the right adress

If your momma had taught you manners, you’d say “please”…and if she’d taught you common sense, you’d be able to go to the Ati website and find it yourself.

The Ati website changed in the 10 days since I originally gave you the link, here’s the new url: s/pc/…O&cmdNext=GO%21

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