Win XP and Q2?

I’m just trying to help a mate out with his new PC and i’m stuck already.He wants me to put Q2 on his PC but he’s got Win XP and when i went to load it on it said something along the lines of “your language version is different,bla bla bla”. Is there a patch or whatever we need to make this work.

Quake2 patches are located here:

It looks like the latest one is from '98, so I’m sure it doesn’t provide WinXP support.

I did a quick Google search, and read about some other people that seem to be running it fine on Windows XP. Are you sure you performed the install correctly? Is your regional settings correct? I can’t think of anything else it could be, sorry…

well i’ve only used xp only once for about 1hr but i’m pretty sure i did everything right.the regional settings were on english-australian.when installing it i only got as far as the first minute of installation,it hadn’t even asked me if i wanted to do a full install or minimum install.