Win xp 64bit and win7 64bit. strange behavior


at work I have windows xp 64bit installed and at home I have
windows 7 x64 installed. On both machines I work with visual studio 2010 and nvidia cards. At work, GTX 285 and at home 8800 GTX. The latest drivers are installed. When I start the application at work (in visual studio debug) then my shaders doesnt work. I see just a white screen in my opengl window.
Starting the same code at home the shaders work and I see my
rendered stuff. OpenGL context has been created, shaders are compiled and linked without any errors on both machines.
But only at home the rendering works. How can that be ?

The main shader is doing raycasting and therfor has a for loop inside. But I use gl 3.3 on both machines.

Well opengl works, because my background is drawn. So what can
be wrong ?

I dont understand it


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