WIN Me Open-GL counterstrike problem.. help?

i am having a problem with open-gl with counterstrike.
I run a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 pci 64 mg card on WIN Me(to poor to buy new motherboard) and every since i installed it i have successfully been able to play CS using open-gl. But about two days ago, when i launched cs the error message came up saying that open-gl was not supported. I have reinstalled all the drivers with no luck, reinstalled cs with no luck. all i am able to run is software and D3D, but D3D is crap and i lag when i play with it.
If you have evey had this problem or know how to fix it please help.

mx 440* sry i cant type

Actually I have had constantly the same problem. In fact my q3 didnt run also bcuz of this OPEN GL problem. On my desktop the colours were also slightly disfigured u know for example the Kazaa sign was disfigured and no game with Open GL was working. Dont know the solution because one day it automatically got all right. I also have the same card as you though. Then after a month it went wrong again and after a month or 2 got ok again. DUnno what the problem is. I wud advise reinstalling WIndows and your 3d card if you have the time…

Ohhshoot, have you installed something which interferred with your Counterstrike or OpenGL setup?

When you say reinstalled CS - did you uninstall, DELETE THE CS FOLDER, and then reinstall?

I have the same card GeForce4 MX-440as well. It rarely works with any game. Once I get it working for one, it automatically doesn’t work with another. I think the card is a dud.