Win 98 se and OpenGl = No work

ok i have a custom made computer with all different stuff put in it, my cpu board is a intel celeron 700 mhz which im sure is just find for my problem, and i could not get Return to Castle Wolfenstein to work, b/c of guess what, Opengl, I have done most to all i can figure out in my mind to get it to work, i have an ATI Radeon 7200 64 mb AGP board in my comp, i go to to update the driver, it says OpenGL is supported, so I download it, and install it, guess im stupid to think that OpenGL is supposed to come with it, doh, so than i try and go hopping around to find what the god awful problem is, no work, i get GLsetup for 95 and 98 users, well at the very end it says performed an illegal opperation, which figures for it being BETA, so i get OpenGL95 and install it, and the ms-dos pops up and puts a few things in the folder, and that’s it, what was that supposed to do, than i get something called OpenGL2, which did this install and did nothing basically, I’ll know if it works cause it’ll show up if u do this procedure: right click destop, click properties, click settings, click advanced, well it should show u all the settings u can do, well it dont have OpenGL on there, which it should, why i dunno. So if u have the slightest idea of what to do, please just post it, ill try it and see what it does… thanks.