Will this work for speedup??

Hi all,
I’m wondering if this approach will work in speeding up the FPS of my scene. Say I read a scene from some geometry file and all I want to do is fly through the scene. Since the values I read in are not changing and only the eyepoint is, sould I use display lists to increase performance? Would a change in the eyepoint position constitute a change in the state of the scene? Now, with every new eyepoint, actaully with every new frame I call glBegin/glEnd and draw my scene one facet at a time.


Yes, if you’re geometry is not changing you definetly can use display lists, and then translate and rotate the matrix to move the camera around. And display lists will speed this up under almost all circumstances.

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…and then translate and rotate the matrix to move the camera around.

why not glulookat? made things for me easier than this glrotate stuff esp. if you wanne fly around

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Yeah, display list 're cool

Your can add a QuadTtree system, it’ll speed up the performance and a Frustum Culling.

It’s not difficult to add these 2 things.

Display lists are cool. So is gluLookAt.

Thanks folks. I just coded the app and things look good. I use glLookAt. It’s easy. The next thing to do it calculate FPS and see.

Again, thanks.