will there be renderman shader support?


i am writing an application that relys on collada and uses renderman shaders. as of now i am using an extra element at the shader level, see below.

<technique profile=“TERMINAL_EDITOR”>
<texture texture=“file1-sampler” texcoord=“TEX1”>
<technique profile=“MAYA”>
// -> UV stuff
<SlimFile> „path“ </SlimFile>
<SurfaceColor> 0 0 0 </SurfaceColor>

For now this does the job. I am wondering though if there will be renderman shader support in collada any time soon? if so, are there any suggestions on how to build an extra element, so there is not too much refactoring when applying the official version?



COLLADA is designed by a working group, currently there are no members that are familiar with Renderman. If you want COLLADA to have a Renderman profile, the easiest way to do this is to join the Khronos group, and participate in the COLLADA working group, bringing your proposal to the table.

Please get in touch with us (collada (at) collada.org) if you want to discuss this further.