Will OpenGL survive even to Windows 7?

Hi All,

Just wanted to know what you guys thing about this subject.



Win7, despite all the buzz, is just a polished version of vista (what vista should have been if done correctly).
This reminds me of Win98 and Win98se.
The driver model is just the same as vista.

Yes, we share the same feeling…

OpenGL works fine in Windows7 with Nvidia 8400M GS graphics card. At least v2.1. Have not yet tried GL3.

I’m using Windows7 in my tablet PC. My project is built mostly on that platform (some of it is also developed in windows XP) and the performance on Win7 is much better than the desktop with XP (XP with an Intel GPU and tablet with Nvidia GPU).
Also, it has support to OpenGL 2.1

We heard the same nonsense or worse w.r.t. Vista and in fact Vista hosed DX10 because it was a lame duck platform and XP was stuck with DX9. So you never can tell what a platform will bring once Microsoft tries to ham-fistedly manipulate the situation.

OpenGL is not going away that’s for sure.