will opengl + direct sound work?

I am a new commer.I want to know if OpenGL and DirectSound(from DirectX) work together in one applicatio.

Any sample available!.

S David.

Yes, it works.
Sorry, I don’t have any sample.

Sure it will work. This is a complex 3D engine as an example, but you might want to check out:

It was linked off the main www.opengl.org site.

The easiest thing to do is get comfortable with OpenGL basics (get an app up and running), then play around with the DirectSound samples in the DirectX SDK. Merging code shouldn’t be too hard …


The DirectX system is not one big thing. You can use any of the parts seperately, which i tink are:
DirectPlay (networking)
DirectSound (guess)
DirectInput (handles all input & force feedback)
Direct3d (you wont need these if you are using opengl, but it IS possible)
DirectMusic (plays MIDI files and mixes)
look up tutorials and stuff on the subject.