Will my OGL .exe run on other computers?

If I compile an OpenGL/GLUT app on my computer (linking in opengl32.lib and glut32.lib, of course), will it run on my friend’s computer? What does he need to run it? Or does he have to recompile it himself?


If you didn’t use any extensions and your friend has an opengl compatible card that is different from a voodoo2 or voodoo1(you’ll have to dynamically load the gl library for that), then it should work. I say should because some old generations cards(rage pro) has some drivers problem. But if it is a newer it should work has is. Just try it and check what happens!

And if you used glut, he will need glut32.dll in the directory windows/system

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Hi there!

I’m not sure if I translated your question corectly (I’m not an english native speaker, blame me if you wan’t).

If you compiled your programm on a Microsoft OS (like 95,98,NT4,2000) it will only run on these OS’es (95,98,NT4,2000), it won’t run under Linux or Solaris, or… (you name it).

Hope this helped you, and may the vector be with you.