will glLoadName on Win64/Linux64 ever use GLuint64?

Currently, glLoadName and glPushName take unsigned 32-bit labels. Will future versions of OpenGL ever have a 64-bit unsigned integer option? I am porting an application that used 32-bit addresses as the pick id. Am wondering if a glLoadName64( uint64_t id ) is anywhere on the horizon for use in the Win64/Linux64 environment. Thank you for any suggestions.

Isn’t over 4 billion different names enough? Considering one would need 16 gigabytes of memory just to store those names, nothing said about the actual data they refer to, I think it’s a safe bet to say it’s not even on the radar to extend this to 64-bits.

This functions take GLuint parameter wich maps to unsigned native integer(32-bit on x86). So the answer is, defeinitely not. Of course, some machines may have GLuint of 64 bit, and maybe 128 but that depends on implementation. Why do you need 64 bit?

I think all you you need is a “64bit”-compatible gl-headerfile that defines GLuint to be some unsigned 32bit integer-type. That’s the whole point of using gl-types instead of native types. I agree that special 64bit functions shouldn’t be necessary, unless I’m missing some subtle pointer-problem here.