Wiki: stencil modifications with disabled stencil test

The OpenGL wiki page “Stencil Test” says:

  • The stencil operations are still processed when the test is disabled; the operation proceeds as if the stencil test had passed.
  • If stencil testing is disabled, then the stencil test is counted as passing; the stencil operation detailed below still happens even if stencil testing is disabled.

The OpenGL 4.6 specification says (17.3.3):

  • The test is enabled or disabled with the Enable and Disable commands, using target STENCIL_TEST. When disabled, the stencil test and associated modifications are not made, and the fragment is always passed.

My experience shows that specification is correct: stencil operations don’t work if stencil test is disabled.

It seems that registration on the wiki is not public.
Could someone please fix the wiki?

A more egregious error is that it said:

When the stencil test is enabled, the testing logic of the reference stencil value against the framebuffer stencil value is skipped

Emphasis added.