WickedGL for the 3DFX cards...

You guys want a kickass opengl type program, get wickedGL, it’s awesome. For some reason they have it set up where the framerates of games is majorly increased. And I’m not kidding. IF you had really bad framerates especially from Halflife after the new patches, you have to get this. Go to www.wicked3d.com and scroll down and click on the link wickedgl on the left. And the cool part is that it’s free!

Well I did that and all my Half-Life games were ruined.

I had to remove everything and reinstall it.

Wicked Gl would not answer my plea for help either.

Did you get the latest version that came out? New one was released on the 12 of Oct, which was about a month ago. Should try it again.

Yes I just did it 3 days ago.

After I installed I got this, “windows cannot run this program because it is in an invalid format”.

I tried to uninstall and remove the “gldrv”
Directory, nothing worked.

Finally I called Sierra and they said to uninstall Half-Life and all related.

They also seemed rather miffed about the GL subject like they did not want to talk about it.

Thing is after I had to start over anyway I reinstalled Wicked GL and It worked just fine in Half-Life