Why the display card closed when right button is down

My computer has the display card of Geforce 2 MX400 and Mandrake8.2. I intalled the newest driver from nvidia. Evenything is seemed well but only a problem with the Open Inventor from
SGI. The problem is when i press the right button in ivview, the card is closed and the display is black. when the right button is released and the card is opened again. It should be prompt a menu when the right button is down.
But some time it is right. I’ve changed the driver of the mouse. And the situation is still.
Everytime when the ivview is run, it first prompt a message as Trying to read from standard input, but standard input is a tty!
in the term.
Can anyone solve this problem.

I can confirm the problem with ivview. The first time I press the right button does it work but the second time does nothing happen. My guess is that this is a bug in ivview and not the driver. The only solution is probably to download the sources and try to find the bug yourself.

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