Why sometimes the matrices in an UBO are transposed in Intel GPUs?

This is a behavior I saw when using the open sourced 3D program called Blender2.8

I have access to an “Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000” and a “AMD Radeon HD 7570M”.

When you open Blender, set the Eevee engine and put a sun light, a shadow is displayed correctly when using AMD.

While with Intel…:

I investigated a little and found that the problem is in this UBO:

In the structure of this UBO, we can see this array of matrices (shadowmats):

The problem with Intel is…, for no apparent reason, all matrices of this array are transposed!!
Blender is an open source, and currently has no developers working with Intel 3rd generation.

If anyone has any light of what is happening, that would be very helpful.

obs.: I don’t work for Blender, I just want to see this problem solved.