Why some functions can not be found?

Hi,I download the “glutdlls37beta.zip”. And put the files into right directions.Some basce functions such as glBegin() and glEnd() cand be found.But some such as “glGenBuffers()”,“glBindBuffer()” just can not be found.Why this?

GLUT (pronounced like the glut in gluttony) is the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs. It implements a simple windowing application programming interface (API) for OpenGL. GLUT makes it considerably easier to learn about and explore OpenGL programming. GLUT provides a portable API so you can write a single OpenGL program that works on both Win32 PCs and X11 workstations.

In short, GLUT shields you from having to know windowing API and still be able to write OpenGL applications. Functions you are searching for (OpenGL core) are implemented in drivers. You have to grab proper function-pointers, or use some extensions loading library (GLEW or similar). OpenGL 1.1 is incorporated into the Windows API, but later versions are not.


Hi,guys.Thanks for that.But I am new to OpenGL. Can you give me direct info, so a new guy can solve him problems himself.
What’s the reason for this kind of error? Is there any Link error? The glut library is recommonded for beginners.I think it would be just fine. Is there anything else I need to do if I want to set up the environment for OpenGL. I really want to try OpengGL. So,please help.

Hello Qiaowen,

you have to get function pointers to the OpenGL functions at run time. ZbuffeR linked to a description on how you can do this. A simple way is to let a library do that for you, a so called extension loaded, e.g. GLEW.

Can you give me direct info, so a new guy can solve him problems himself.

The info doesn’t get more direct than what you were linked to.