Why so many versions installed via AMD driver upgrades?

Since no one has a clear view on what the heck is happening with multiple version of your API being installed, instead of upgraded.

Do you need all these different versions installed? https://i.imgur.com/v6OWqWE.jpg

If not, how come they’re not being removed when your updates come bundled with the amd driver upgrades. Can I uninstall the old versions :confused:

Yes you can uninstall the old ones. Only the two are needed (one installed with your driver and one with SDK - if you have that).

Thanks, i’ll uninstall the old versions then. I don’t have any SDK’s, I’m just a casual gamer but came here for answers rather than random tech forums as the source of the application is usually where people can provide the best support, even if I couldn’t find a section best suited for this, so I picked the dev support one as it was the only way to get some answers, thanks again!

If the people making “Vulkan” actually read this, please get the old versions removed when you push out an update with gpu drivers, thanks.

“people making Vulkan” API aka Khronos group are not to blame. AMD (which is to blame) simply forgets to clean after itself during their software (un)installs.

Untrue, the AMD install manager upgrades everything successfully apart from Vulkan, which leaves behind old versions.

The reason I say this is untrue, is I clicked uninstall on the old versions in the control panel, followed the uninstall dialog and then checked the folder, nothing had been removed and even the same uninstall file was still in all the old version folders. I had to manually delete the folders despite using the UninstallVulkanRT.exe over 10 times on multiple old versions, the same result with all of them, it did nothing.

Then my return to the control panel sees them still there, but because I’ve removed the folders when I click uninstall it just asks if i want to remove the entry from the control panel.

So to the “people making Vulkan” I say stop pushing your crap API onto us via AMD if it’s clearly so damn broken. This is annoying when it isn’t even used, no one knows what it is and from reports I’ve seen, it doesn’t even had better performance than OpenGL, nevermind mainstream DirectX. Further installs of this API will be disallowed and I’m fully uninstalling it from my PC.

Push your shovelware onto someone else’s PC.



Oh my… they sure will be glad for your feedback now… :rolleyes:



Still, strictly speaking true. AMD does neglect to do the cleanup. At least on my PC. Also the Vulkan RTL uninstalls correctly (for me), when I am forced to do it myself (am also AMD owner)…

Must be uninstalled as many times as was installed(when neglected as said above). Shouldn’t be “10x” though in normal circumstances…

Install of the library can be disabled during AMD SW install (as much as the annoying GE thingy too). You are still in control of this.

They have hardly any power to “push” anything by force. The relationship is of opposite nature, if anything - AMD (and NV and Intel) are members deciding the course of Vulkan.