Why should we use from OpenGL?

Some of my friends say that why do you use from the OpenGL while there are some other applications such as MicroMedia Director that can create the games? They say using from the Director or other applications is so simple, But writing a game with VC++, OpenGL and other APIs is so difficult.
What should i response to them. Are they correct?

I’m not sure Macromedia director could do 3D games, with as much efficency than with GL. And surely they can’t do all the things you can think of when doing it all from yourself. Programming on your own ensure that the resulting program does all and only what you expected it to do. When you use softwares, your results depend directly on their softwares more than on you.

More macromedia director should run only on Windows (so no linux, no game consoles…).

Finally I’d like to say that often, too much ease is dangerous (at least in programming).

Hope that could help.

Efficiency, flexibility and skill.

Those tools generally help those with insufficient skill create a game despite their shortcommings. The price paid is tying to middleware, loss of performance, portability and flexibility.

Depending on your skill level middleware may actually improve your results, it will probably improve your productivity especially if you start from scratch with no file importers/toolchain etc.

Without focusing on a particular set of middleware, there are a range of middleware options that offer various tradeoffs w.r.t. skills, performance, portability, productivity, tools and support.

Deciding what level to write your code at is just part of the fun.