WHY @NV drivers (75 Hz)

Hi there,

I would like to share som thoughts about NVs 4x.xx driver series.
I can´t get over 75 Hz in Windows or any other mode (D3D and OpenGL).
The 40.72 driver could be fixed with a Refresh Rate Tool, but all the others seem to be locked @75 Hz … god that really SUX!

And the funny thing is, that this behaviour first appeared in the 4x.xx drivers … bevore the was only the “60 Hz Bug”.

But that one makes me crazy … why in hell can´t that be fixed?

Sorry, I think this is pretty off topic, but I know some NV driver people read this forums and it has got to do seomthing with OGL, too, because even if I try to get higher refresh rates with DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY (worked correct before) I have to stuck with 75 Hz!!!

HELP ME … I´m getting really crazy .


And this stupid bug isn´t fixed, either:

int iMaxVertexAttribs = 0;



No idea. What happens if you uncheck the button in the display control panel monitor tab which says “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display”?

I didn´t try that, but I´m back to the 40.72 drivers now (85 Hz are great for my eyes).

I don´t think it´s that easy, because the correct refresh rates are listed in Windows, but it doesn´t matter, which one I choose over 75 Hz, I don´t get more (Windows displays the choosen Hz number, but my monitor tell´s me another story + my eyes)!

By the way, I´m on GF3 and Win2K SP3.
I´m not alone with that bug, quite a serious number of normal users, have got that problem, too.


That’s funny. I’ve got a very similar problem, but only on the second monitor connected to the digital connector of my GF4 Ti4200 via a converter. I’m using the 41.09 drivers.

On the primary monitor I get 85 Hz as expected. But on the secondary monitor, which is also capable of doing 85 Hz at the selected resolution (and runs at 85 Hz under Linux on the same machine, btw), I don’t. It always stays on 70 Hz under WinXP. But well, I can live with it for now.

Nevertheless, a big thanks to NVIDIA for finally adding the 720x480 and 720x576 display modes to the 41.09 drivers INF file. For people like me who actually use the TV out that’s a great thing.
Although, I’d really appreciate if you could add the 768x576 mode as well, which is the standard analog PAL resolution. Then I actually wouldn’t have to hack the INF file myself for each new driver release :wink:

Originally posted by Diapolo:
[b]And this stupid bug isn´t fixed, either:

int iMaxVertexAttribs = 0;



A fix for that stupid bug would be to call:

glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS_ARB, &iMaxVertexAttribs);

The last time, I asked about that, I was told, that I have to make that call like I posted it above.

But that doesn´t matter, because both versions give me an “invalid enumerant” error (on the 40.72 driver, that I have to use again, so I couldn´t try the GetInteger version with 41.09).

All other glGetProgramivARB and glGetIntegerv work just fine … strange, isn´t it?

But, that´s only a small thing compared to that 75 Hz problem.

Could you give me some infos on this?
Whose fault is that?
NVs or MSs fault?


this aint tech support for nvidia but …
i would like to see whenever a new driver comes out from anyone (nvidia/ati etc)
that there is also an update to a webpage that saiz whats been updated


41.00 no new opengl extensions

40.72 added extensions

  • big_bollux extension
  • another bollux extension
    *fixed bug with monitor only going at 60hx


I’ve got the sample problem: 75Hz @ 1280x1024 (instead of the selected 100Hz)! But that is with all 4x.xx drivers (incl. 40.72)!

Win2k, SP3, Athlon 1.4, GeForce2MX


A lot of people with a IIyama screen (including me) can’t get over 75/85Hz with the Detonator 40 (40.xx, 41.xx).

For example, in Windows I check “120Hz” in the Screen panel, but the screen OSD still reports 85Hz.

It’s pretty damn annoying 'cause there are no available fix for this.

I´ve got an IIyama monitor, too.
I installed their Inf-file and tried several tools, but 40.72 driver is the only one, who can be fixed.
ALL the other´s simply don´t work over 75 Hz .


I have a viewsonic and I cannot get passed 75 mhz on anything bigger than 860x640…

No det. 40.XXXXXXXX will do it.

Viewsonic here too, but until Nvidia provides a fix (if they ever do) you can around it with the refresh rate fix program.

EDIT: Theres this one to, but I’ve not tried it. http://www.voodoofiles.com/2633

Old Glman

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The first tool doesn´t work for me with the newest drivers (but with the 40.72 ones), the author told me, that NV had introduced another change in the frequency format table and that he has to rewrite his algos (which could take a few days or longer).


Ah ok, good to know. Im still running 40.41. Ill update and try the other program.

Old Glman

I’ve use the NVidia Refresh Tool (from 08. Dec 2002) successfully with Det 41.09.
Now I am back at 1280x1024x32 @ 100Hz.


Yeah, NV Refresh Tool 2.1 (www.nvrt.org) fixed my problems, too.
But is´s annoying, that we are forced to use such a tool …


Check the detonator control panel, there (under D3D) you can overrun refresh rates at different resolutions. By the way, you could try to reinstall *.inf of your monitor. No actual need for heavy weapons

The control panel thing works for D3D only and the Inf-file for my monitor is installed … we are not that stupid here .


Well, the refresh tool sure made my mhrz go up a few notches. But my monitor did not support 1248x1024 @ 85 mhrz and I had to reset it to 75 mhrz.

Well, I guess I will survive.

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