Why not a selection of sample Configs?

I am struck with this question while working on my X-Windows and OpenGL problem. Why isn’t there a collection of sample set-ups as would be found in the FX86Config files that can be downloaded and pasted into the setup we are using??? Many people have obviously run across the same sets of problems, so it begs the question of why thre isn’t a FAQ that sets up the recommended setting for each motherboard/video card combination. A self-selected commitee of experts could pick the best recommended set-up for each particular piece of hardware, separate sections could be avaialable for the diferent monitor types (Compaq, Gateway 2000, Generic). The same could be done for the different sections of the FX86Config(-4). That way a frustrated user could cut and paste together a working configuration.

A good idea, but you’re venting at the wrong place

I suggest you post this idea on the various XFree86 devel. mailing lists and fora. Take a look around www.xfree86.org for addresses.

I did look there. They had little to nothing. I was suggesting these configs for a FAQ here primarily for the purpose of getting fully accelerated OpenGL to work under Linux.

the nvidia drivers come with a sample XF86Config in NVIDIA_GLX-XXXX/usr/share/doc/ most distros also come with them. the problem is that the config file covers so much more than just the video drivers, people would start having problems with other parts of their system (mice, keyboards, etc).

its better to tell somebody what to change, not only will it work better for their system, but they will learn how it works, and be able to help themselves in the future always a good thing…

Originally posted by Jase:
I did look there. They had little to nothing.

Yeah, except I didn’t say ‘they have that over there’, I was saying ‘it would be more productive if you put your idea over there’.

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