why is the rendering 3D model so slow

first I introduce sth about my pc
the OS is window2000, the videocard is Nvidia Vanta/Vanta LT, the videomemory is 8Mb
I use opengl TO draw a grid 256X256. when the screenresolution is 1024X768. the fps is 1.2.
screenresolution is 800X600. the fps is about 10.0.

is it noraml.
can anyone give me some advice on how to increase the speed of rendering when flying or walking

Many Thanks

Check the glGetString(GL_VENDOR) capability.
In 1024768 true color there is not enough memory on your board to have front, back, and depth buffer allocated (102476843 = 9MB), so it’s Microsoft’s software OpenGL rendering in that resolution.

yeah on my vanta (16mb) youre really forced to stay in 16bit colour the whole time (unless u wanna draw in a 640x480 sized window )