Why does the refresh rate in Wondows XP....

Why is the refresh rate in Open GL games running 1024*768 only @ 60 Hz in Windows XP Pro? Direct 3D games seem to have a better refresh rate @ 75-85 Hz and it seemed to improve from 75 to 85 when the new service pack came out for XP. Is this something Microsoft does to “limit” Open GL. I have a new Hitachi 19" CRT Monitor. And it isnt the monitor cause under Windows 9x I can get a higher refresh rate. And like most new monitors you cant change the refresh rate in games throught he controls, cause it is all driver run now. Is there a utility or any way I can get a better refresh rate in Open GL games under XP???

Does anyone know???

www.google.com is your friend.

They are only desktop fixes…not gaming. Adn I dont need that…my desktop was always working fine. Witht he new Service Pack 1 and Detonator 40’s D3D works like a charm being 85 Hz refresh rate in any resolution in games even old games like Unreal Tourny and Diablo II. BUT, OpenGl has yet to run like that and the Detonator 40’s were supposed to correct it…hopefully the next revision of them will.