Why does SwapBuffers take up so much cpu time?


why does SwapBuffers(hDC) take up so much cpu time? it takes up 16 milliseconds when i use double buffer.

It’s probably because allot of synchronization stuff happen when you swap buffers. I’m not sure though, maybe someone has a more concrete answer than mine.

This is for D3D but it covers the equivalent operation: http://tomsdxfaq.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html#114482869432550076

With “up to 16 ms” wait time you may also have vsync enabled.

60 frames per second is the monitor refresh rate and is equal to 16.6ms per frame – definitely vsync enabled.

Yeah, just look for a setting called “Sync to VBlank” or similar in your driver documentation, and disable it. Then you can get a clearer picture of how long your frame is actually taking to render. On NVidia/Linux, you can set in nvidia-settings, or set __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0 in the environment of the GL process before creating a context.

Also, it’s common practice to call glFinish() right after SwapBuffers to force the GPU to wait until it’s finished all the computation for that frame. Then you can get a pretty clear picture of exactly how much time each frame is taking (otherwise, the driver is doing work for the next frame in this frame, messing up your timings).

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