Why does Quadro2 MXR performance blow in 3d studio max 3.1?

We’re running our shop on 3d studio max 3.1 (yeah, it’s time to upgrade one of these days :slight_smile:

We recently got a bunch of Dell workstations with Quadro 2 MXR cards. The performance of these cards in OpenGL mode under 3dsmax 3.1 is astonishingly abysmal. Just sticking in a GeForce 2 GTS makes them become much better.

We’ve tried several versions of the nVIDIA drivers, but none of them worked for the MXRs. What’s wrong? What can we do?

If I am not mistaken the Quadro2 MXR is based on the Geforce2MX core, so it comes to no surprise that a >regular< Geforce2 GTS surpasses it in every aspect.

How can they then put these in workstation machines? Anyway, the GeForce 2MX performed better than these Quadros in Max 3.1. This isn’t a subtle difference – it’s a many-times difference in performance. There appears to be something VERY wrong, and I’d like to know what it is.